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Foundry Machinery: Safety Requirements for Ladles BSEN1247:2004+A1:2010

The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 No.2307

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Regulations apply to ladles and ladle hoists which come under the categories of 'load bearing' and 'lifting equipment' and therefore the auspices of health & safety in the workplace. The risks associated with such equipment must be assessed and managed.

ladle being serviced

A1 Roper Ltd is available to assist Foundry and Health & Safety managers in all matters relating to ladle maintenance and servicing. With our team of suitably qualified and competent engineers we offer the following services:

  • Ladle inspection and appraisal of all parts and materials
    • Particular attention is paid to metal fatigue, weld integrity, worn gears and bottom-pour stopper mechanism.
    • Examination of the bail structure along with the bushes and trunnions.
    • Gearbox parts are cleaned and inspected.
    • The stopper system is checked for functionality (if applicable).
  • Ladle servicing and repair re-using existing parts and/or new parts where necessary
  • Ladle certification and proof-load testing of load-bearing parts

Additionally we will advise you on:

  • Catches for secure ladle transportation
  • Bail Heat Shields
  • Trunnion and Bush Guards

Each ladle repaired is returned with a test certificate, maintenance instructions and parts list.

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